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Frequently Asked Questions

"As a Spice Chef, I understand it can be a challenge knowing which spice or herb to use. With Reqado, you‘ll find it easy to introduce new flavours and use new spices at home.

For my Signature Blends, and the spices and dried herbs that we offer, using pure and natural ingredients are imperatives. We know that highly processed add-ons are not that good for our bodies, this is why Reqado offers products that are as natural as possible. Healthy and tasty at the same time." 

- Chef Chesca Gallegos 

What makes Reqado Signature Blends different from store-bought spice mixes?

Our blends are 100% FREE from MSG and extenders, and made from all-natural spices and herbs. We also use Pink Salt for less sodium content. They are super versatile in terms of use of flavour, you can use them either as a rub, marinate, or seasoning to dishes.

How do I know more about each blend?

Head out to our Signature Blends collection to check the use, description and flavour profile of each Signature Blend.

Can I cook it along with other spices?

Definitely. You can be as creative! It all starts with having a sense of adventure in the kitchen for you to discover wonderful new flavours at home, and cook them!

Where are your products made?

Our products are mixed and packed here in the Philippines. Ingredients come from farms here and abroad where they are best grown. Some of our spices are sourced in India and Spain, and some in the Philippines.

When is the expiration date?

Our blends will expire two years from opening the bottle.

How to store the spices?

Please keep them in room temperature only. Avoid placing in direct heat or sunlight. When you scoop the spices, move them away from steam or heat as this can add moisture to the spice blends.

Do you have refills?

Yes! We have reusable ecopacks to help lessen environmental waste. Buying our ecopacks also give you so much savings.

How to use the Signature Blends for starters?

Refer to Chef Chesca's recommendations below on how to best cook with our Signature Blends.


Do you have promos and discounts?

Yes, we do. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest spice scoop on our discounts and promos! Of course you can always bookmark our website and sign-up to receive our email newsletter.