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Sweet Salty and Spicy
Sweet Salty and Spicy
Sweet Salty and Spicy
Sweet Salty and Spicy

Sweet Salty and Spicy

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We Filipinos love anything sweet, salty and (a little) spicy don't we? Which is why we made this blend to bring the terrific trio of flavours to your homesall in one super versatile blend.

  • Rub, or marinate any meat of your choice with it (chicken, fish, pork, beef)
  • Use to stir-fry vegetables or as seasoning to snacks
  • Perfect for roasting, grilling, pan-fry, baking, or stir-fry
  • Season stews that you like to have a hint of sweetness such as patatim, adobo, pork humba, escabeche
  • Use to flavour your home-made tapa
  • Remember fried dilis or squid? Yes you can use this blend too to make that nostalgic snack!

This blend has no MSG, and no additives and uses the potency of select spices to give your dishes that unique, flavourful taste. 

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